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Sichuan Lifeng Chemical Co., LtdSichuan Lifeng Chemical Co.,Ltd. belongs to Sichuan Chemical Holding (Group) Co.,Ltd., and is the state-owned high technology enterprise which dedicates to scientific development, production operation, commercial trade and technical service of pesticide, pesticide intermediates, fine chemical, inorganic chemical and other fields. The company owns 60 million yuan for register capital and 850 million yuan for total assets.
Lifeng Company implements group management mode, and owns Sichuan Chemical Industrial Research Design Institute and three enterprises which take operation and manufacture as priority includeing Sichuan Huaying Chemical Co.,Ltd., Sichuan Chemical Industrial Research Desing Institute Double Current Test Plant and Sichuan Chemical Industrial Research Design Institute Guanghan Test Plant.
Our main products:
1. Pesticide APIs and preparation products: triadimefon, isoprothiolane, niclosamide ethanolamine, Xiaochongthion, benazolin and others. Annual output can reach 20,000 tons/year for pesticide APIs and 20,000 tons/year for preparation.
2. Chemical products and intermediates include iminodiacetic acid, N-Phosphonomethyl aminodiacetic acid, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and others.
Lifeng Company currently owns Chuanyan trademark. Products include antiseptic, pesticide, herbicide, plant growth adjustor and others. Chuanyan brand pesticides play a key role for replacing pesticide industrial variety structure adjustment in China and implementing high toxic pesticide.
The company will take innovation, scientific development, strengthening enterprises and responding to the county as our philosophy, and actively accelerates our reform and strengthening sustainable development ability and cooperates with customers to create big development.
Pesticide APIs and preparation
 > Glyphosate
 > Triadimefon
 > Isoprothiolane
 > Niclosamide ethanolamine
 > Bismerthiazol
 > Benazolin-ethyl
 > Paclobutrazol
Chemical products and intermediates
 > Iminodiacetic Acid
 > N-Phosphonomethyl aminodiacetic acid
 > Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate
 > Ammonium phosphate
 > Phosphorus trichloride
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